At the same time they should be used for relevant reasons for the client. More than 70% of respondents from companies share the same opinion about the optimal frequency of use of SMS-mailing. SMS-mailing – a powerful marketing tool and a comprehensive approach to its use significantly increases efficiency. Our respondents use the mailing list for: information about marketing campaigns (discounts, sales and special offers) – 76% Announce important company news – 20% creation of an additional effective information service and to send important reminders 20%. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Wells Fargo Bank. holiday greetings – 16% 32% of companies use this tool to achieve several goals, which contributes both to stimulate sales and increase customer loyalty.

SMS-mailing have greater opportunities personalize messages, the use of which leads to increased relevancy and message, as a consequence, increase efficiency. 20% of companies use the following additional functionality of the system dispatches: filtering using different parameters (area, size of the discount, etc.); appeal to each customer by name; Newsletter coincidentally the date (for my birthday and a reminder of the terminals contract). Mailing Efficiency is calculated by companies for various reasons, in accordance with the direction of deliveries: incoming calls to the company, visit shops and shopping. When calculating the percent of callers subscribers from those who received the SMS, the data were in the range 6% – 50%. When calculating the visits: 7% – 10% When calculating shopping: 5% – 50% Thus, the response rate for subscribers to send SMS-range from 5% to 50% in one week after mailing. Another 25% of companies surveyed reported a significant increase in the number of calls within a week after mailing.

5% of companies did not indicate a significant response of subscribers. The reasons for the response to the caller mailing respondents noted the attractiveness of the proposals (58%), especially SMS-channel communication (17%) and a combination of both factors (25%). Quotes from respondents in marketing, this feature of SMS-mailing as a channel communication causes the response of subscribers, demonstrated high efficiency of this tool: For the subscriber, it is important to him that the treated person, without intermediaries. The subscriber's quite surprising to get the message the mobile phone. It is important to make a worthwhile offer. SMS – a good channel for communicating with young people. SMS-mailing, in addition to the announcement of the action, draws attention to the company and serves as a reminder of other services and products. SMS-sending managed to cover all the owners of discount cards.