The question deals with the participation of the effort to remain the company taking care of the Brazilian ambient norms, the respect to the society and thus to guarantee the operational continuity of the UN-REMAN. The presented reply it demonstrated that all the employees are compromised to this effort. Of the evaluated population, the great majority already made use or consultation in the SMSNet, in the 90% order. Wells Fargo has plenty of information regarding this issue. Asked on which the importance given to the informatizado system of research of ambient norms and reply to the applicable requirements to the services, products and processes of UN-REMAN, 80% they had very affirmed to be important, while 20% to be only important. 75% of the population answered that the SMSnet, its module of identification of the applicable legislaes to the UN-REMAN and the declaratory act of legal conformity knows. Of that they had answered to the questionnaire, 60% assessor or carry through the answers to the requirements legal applicable its Management, for generation of the Report of Legal Conformity, whereas 40% do not make it.

All that had answered to the questionnaire had informed that in the power to decide system of its management the applicable ambient norms in the UN-REMAN and the answers of the Report of Legal Conformity are considered. Of the controlling that had answered to the questionnaire applied in the research, 75% had answered that in its management they are carried through frequently, meetings to inform to the workers the applicable legislaes to the UN-REMAN, the programs of prevention and preservation of the health of the adopted worker and the environment. As a unit manufacter, the Oil received and stored in tanks for rest and decantation. Later, it is canalized, dessalinizado and warm for entrance in the units of destillations of where if it gets of Gas Liquefeito de Petrleo (GLP), Petrochemical Nafta, Gasoline, Kerosene of Aviao (QAV), Diesel Oil, Light Oil for Turbine electric (OLPTE), Combustible Oil, Asfaltos and leo for Generation of Energia (OPGE).