At the beginning of this article it is necessary to make a clear distinction between procedures and manuals of procedures. All activity entrusted to a person or a group of them, has implicit procedures that are performed in order to comply with various within an organization objectives. Do not carry out procedures would not be fulfilled tasks. But what is a procedure? Without prejudice to the different definitions that we could find in the administrative literature, easily we affirm that a procedure is the series or sequence of steps required to complete a task in particular, where such task can be of different nature and belong to different fields. Thus, a task may in particular require more steps in their procedure than others. Some authors have been perceived in some fields, rightly, a procedure as a routine adopted for the achievement of a purpose.

What is a Procedures Manual understanding what is a procedure, we can affirm that a Manual of procedures It is a document in which are compiled, or grouped the different procedures necessary to complete a task, having as purpose establish appropriate communication to stakeholders that enable them to perform their tasks in an orderly and systematic way. A. Kings Ponce, is a brochure, book, folder, etc., in which in a way easy to handle (handy) are concentrated in a systematic way, a series of administrative items for a particular purpose: guiding and standardizing the conduct that occurs between each human group in the company. It is inferred that the outstanding feature of the Manual of procedures is the fact that it is a written document, unlike the procedure itself that is represented by the material action. This is how Graham Kellog indicates a procedure in writing means to properly establish a standard method to run any job. Is clear then, that the procedures Manual gives procedures performed (which do not necessarily) established), a formal or official character for a particular task or set of tasks, becoming a guiding guide in the achievement of an effective and efficient result.