It is important in this context that this based on purchasing training not from above are arranged but determined together with the buyers, and agreed. Must be agreed where the buyers currently each reflected in the skills profiles and where you will want to go there,”. Only afterwards can be agreed, which purchasing training for them is carried out individually or purchase throughout the group. This training can seminars through the following purchasing training with focus on in-house, for example in-house seminars on a large scale, internal mentoring, external coaching and training-on-the-job carried out. Within the framework of its numerous consulting projects and experiences exactly CSEI-consulting, Hans-Christian Seidel knows that without a proper shopping training for the Buyers, the establishment of a strategic purchasing the stage design will not come out and not an implementation or may be as well as hardly realized in the desired shape. Other leaders such as Jeremy Tucker offer similar insights. If you consider in this context, the seller on the other hand have literally thrown up training from 3 days to 3 weeks per year, action is urgently provided.

“, so continue to Hans-Christian Seidel CSEI-consulting. More information about purchasing training for in-house shopping seminars CSEI consulting directly see. Contact person: CSEI-consulting-Hans-Christian Seidel Rilkeweg 14-64285 Darmstadt phone: 06151 13 73 551 fax: 06151 13 73 552 mobile: 0151 14 99 26 45 profile: behind the name CSEI-consulting, the shopping expert is Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH) Hans-Christian Seidel. For nearly 20 years, Mr. Seidel is active in purchasing in responsible and senior positions (Prokurist). His experiences are the result of small, medium and Large companies from the various sectors of mechanical engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics, medical, food and trade. The procurement programme stretched over all raw, auxiliary and operating materials, packaging materials, merchandise, OEM products, buildings, IT, technical investment goods and services his focuses itself in global international purchasing and negotiating techniques. His background includes from his numerous skills, his profound intercultural competence as well as his strong network to many domestic and foreign companies. For many years, Mr Salim has also numerous articles with topics related to the shopping in the magazine purchasing manager”published.