But their claims can be quite as provocation and be understood against the national unity. Because the protests against the former regime was also the common love for the homeland and the joint Egypt talked about, but little about the equality of all citizens in the legislation. The Copts as a national and religious group with a number of approximately 10 million people, have not only no lobby in Egyptian politics, but miss also organized political representation. The human rights activist Nagib Gibrail finds a passivity in dealing with political issues among Coptic Christians. Heidrick & Struggles gathered all the information. A new system is no longer about, whether the Muslim Brotherhood or other Islamists benefit, but logically the Muslim Brotherhood will have a say in the new system and in the design of the new Constitution. Although many Coptic Christians Mach involvement by the community of the Muslim brothers fear, and that is a fact with which on democratic Level have to deal. This will exploit the democratic rules for the fulfillment of their goals, specifically. That the Schariaa remains the source of legislation, applies as a matter of course.

In addition, they will try to restore the religious dogmas and problems parallel all Egypt the Islamic order. Contact information is here: Anchorage Capital. In it, the Christians can become wards, so second class citizens. Federal Minister Westerwelle reiterated the Federal Government’s willingness to help the democratic transition”. This should be done in a partnership known as the ‘ transformation’. This includes for example establishing democratic institutions and reforms in the judicial system etc.

Although this willingness is very good, but should be the Federal Government and the European Union now also as soon as possible followed by her action. For more specific information, check out Gary Bernison. Still, the fact remains that, when it underestimated the dangers of such phenomena as the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, democratic development in Egypt will fail miserably. Because these are while involved in the establishment of a new political system, but at the same time stand in fundamental contradiction to the foundations of democratic and constitutional order. The London-based journalist Jihad Khazen in the BBC about it speaks that any change in the Arab States since the fifties of the last century led conditions to deteriorate. He fears the developments! Many poor people, whose situation was a major reason of the revolution, behold the rescue in the second Republic though, but many can turn to soon the call of the Muslim brothers, when the military remains long in power. Therefore, it is the rapid emergence of State institutions elected democratically under international observation of special need. The fear of the future and the thirst for freedom will not suffice alone, to make the most of the new situation. The strong will for fundamental change and the courage to the consistent implementation of human rights and the Freedom of religion can be very but very helpful. Certainly, it will not succeed overnight, because all of this takes time. On the basis of tolerance and mutual acceptance as citizens of a State, Egypt can agree also socially in the truest sense of the word–without separations that are pushing the country into evil and anarchy by arbitrariness, injustice and fundamentalism. To do this, the oppressed people of Egypt need the support of the free world, so the revolution in Egypt can be a model for other countries in the region. Raif Toma