Nadia Birkenstock, famous for Celtic harp/vocals and winner of the music award, global musical Ambassador by singing hospitals E.v. is the touring throughout the world nice and singer Nadia Birkenstock is new musical Ambassador of the Association and received the award from Chief Executive Officer of Norbert Hermanns. As a credible performer of Irish, Scottish and English folk songs, Nadia Birkenstock has earned itself an excellent reputation and was awarded with the prestigious American Music Award for world music 2010 for the CD Enchanted Lake. Her trademark is her moving voice, which are bright and clearly used to the colourful sounds of harp. Nadja Birkenstock is said again on their concerts that people feel their music as healthful. “Birkenstock next: extent fits my involvement really very good to singing hospitals e.V.” She was born in Solingen, Germany and grew up with classical music and sang in many different choirs and ensembles. She began her vocal training in the School age with the help of a scholarship in the United States (Westover school, Connecticut) and studied singing at the Conservatory in Dusseldorf.

The Celtic harp met her for the first time in the form of the legendary Scottish harp duo Sileas”. She taught himself the game on the Celtic harp at the age of 16 and graduated from harp masterclasses for Celtic including Kim Robertson (United States) and Bill Taylor (Scotland). Already during her studies she began her solo program for Celtic harp and singing on stage, castles and festivals and folk clubs, concert halls and churches international on the road is. Her repertoire includes both original songs and compositions as well as traditional Celtic songs and tunes folk.