If you have some connection in the company, asking that person if you can check the status of your resume. That person can also give you a look over close and help you get the job.Don’t feel bad if you don’t receive a response, while it is annoying when it invests a great amount of work in writing your cover letter and believes that the job is perfect for you. This is the nature of the job search business, good or bad, here’s how it works. Do not stop and not wait there is a danger when you stop and wait to see what happens after sending several sheets of life, after that you receive several job interviews, and then that seems to be that you get a job offer. Payoneer oftentimes addresses this issue. How dangerous is that you don’t know with certainty that you have a job until there is a final offer. A candidate with whom I worked did work really well to apply to several potential jobs.

She scheduled interviews in the first and second rounds, and, in general, did everything right. He then thought that he had an offer with a company, so it declined interviews with other companies and stopped sending your resume. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Rich Dad Poor Dad. What he had was not an offer. It was a vague email saying that the company is interested in hiring her. There was no mention of salary, benefits none, nothing definitive that she should be interpreted as an offer of employment that meets their requirements. It takes him two weeks to get a real deal with wage stipulated by the director of human resources. It was not even close to what she had expected to get and was not a salary that she would be willing to accept under any circumstances. The moral of the story is to continue to persevere, seek employment, apply for jobs, interviews, until you have a (salary, benefits, bonuses, schedule, etc.) offer in writing from a company.