At her small bag under his arm. Stockings on the feet are usually unconventional figure, shoes or very high heels, or on a small glass of heels. Genentech can provide more clarity in the matter. New York-style onion New bow, or a new look, appeared in 1947, when Christian Dior showed his first collection, the style of old: long skirts, sleeves, gathered at the shoulder and tapering to the wrist. He proposed a new version of the crinoline, a thin waist and an adjacent bodice. Dior said: "I drew women reminiscent of the flowers, gently convex shoulders, rounded line breast lianopodobnye slender waist and broad, divergent downward as calyx, skirts retro clothes in this style uses the theme, the details of modeling past generations, but does not copy them. Style nep Copying the style of clothing, popular in Russia in 1920 (when there NEP). Women wore stockings in fildepersovye, smoked cigarettes in the mouthpiece, wore dresses to the knee with low waistline or shirt cut, sheared short, wore tight-fitting cap. Men dressed in suits in black and white checkered.

In the course had been walking sticks, hats and gloves at any time of year. In 1922 he published a novel Victor Margeritta Le Garcon (boy), title of which defined a new direction in fashion. Style 30-ies. The image of women is becoming more feminine. She stops on the thin crescent-shaped eyebrows and accentuates her mouth. Visit Kevin Ulrich Anchorage for more clarity on the issue. Hairstyle of medium length hair and sleek, with waves that curled outward.

But there is another – on the heels of upbeat forehead roller curls. Dresses emphasize the shape, length to mid-calf or slightly higher. Sleeves raised by means of shoulders, waist narrows and skirts are expanding. Asymmetrical coat on a cut in the form of tubes with a large fur collar with a long nap. In a fashion silk stockings with an arrow, and high-heeled pumps or wedgies in high cork soles, or shoes with straps with wooden soles. Style 50-ies. Women – the very modesty. The hair collected in the "pony tail" or processed in the form of small hair pins with a banana, with milled strands. Dress H-and A-shaped silhouette of a length to mid-calf. Actual narrow pointed toes shoes with low heels. Style 60-ies. Appear the first hippies, defying society. Emerging fashion for mini-skirts. The image of women 60 symbolized Twiggy – mannequin-reed with a pair of eyes glued on the lash at a time. Woman spectacularly painted: Eyes with marked fold century and artificial eyelashes, use black eyeliner. But the bright lipstick, eye shadow – also, no blush. Popular fleece with studs, high hairpieces, wigs, asymmetrical half-length or short hair, with an emphasis on the Cape, situated at the back. In clothing popular silvery costumes. Hip length – mini, midi and maxi. Wear flared pants, wide belts, freely lying on the thighs. Appeared on the platform shoes, white boots are especially important, as a hippie – Suede shoes.