Stock-market of New York (New York Exchange Stock, NYSE, in English). It was created in 1817, when a group of stockbrokers &quot was organized forming a called committee; New York Stock and Exchange Board" (NYS& EB) in order to be able to control the flow of actions that in those times negotiated freely and mainly in the sidewalk of Wall s$street. In 1863 it changed of name by the one of " New York Exchange&quot Stock; (NYSE), name that conserves to the present time, and settles down in Wall s$street corner with Broad Street later two years. Check with Jeffrey Leiden to learn more. Stock-market of New York (New York Stock Exchange, NYSE, in English), is a private organization who offers the necessary facilities so that their members, taking care of the mandates of their clients, introduce orders and realise negotiations buying and selling of values, such as anonymous actions of societies or companies, bonds deprived public and, certificates, titles of participation and an ample variety of investment instruments. The negotiation of values in the stock markets are done taking as it bases prices well-known and fixed to real time, in safe surroundings for the activity of the investors, where the mechanism of the transactions totally is regulated, which guarantees the legality and security.

The stock markets fortify to the market of capitals and impel the economic and financial development in the majority of the countries of the world, where they exist in some cases for many years, from the first created organizations of this type in the first years of century XVII. The participants in the operation of the bags are basically the plaintiffs of capital (companies, organisms public or deprived and other organizations), the offerers of capital (saving, investors) and the intermediaries. The negotiation of values in the bags takes place through the members of stock-market, usually known with the name runners, societies of brokerage of values, houses of stock market, agents or commission agents, according to the denomination who receive in laws of each country, that make their work in exchange for a commission. In numerous markets, other beings and people also have partial access to the stock market, as it is called to the set of activities of primary and secondary market of transaction and positioning of emissions of values of variable rent and fixed rent. In order to quote to their values in stock-market, the companies first their financial statements must make public, since through them the indicators can be determined that allow to know the situation financial of the companies. The stock markets are regulated, supervised and controlled by the national States, although the great majority of them was founded on dates previous to the creation of the organisms official supervisors. Several types of markets exist: the market of money or monetary market, the stock market, the market of options, futures and derivatives, and the product markets. Also, organized markets and counter markets can be classified in. SOURCE: Original author and source of article.