usnr Sawmill equipment production is not tied to the supply of plant assorted logs. In the tradition of European countries, including Russia, to put expensive, take up much space in front of log sorting line sawmill to ensure delivery to the shop uniform logs. In this case, the plant is used in more simple equipment, but at the enterprises of this type need to have large stocks of sawlogs and extensive area under the line of its sort. On the other hand, the sawmills in North America have traditionally used unsorted logs. Each log is carefully inspected (either by the operator or by means of laser scanners), after which a decision by a variant of its processing. Due to the fact that in North America prefer it to such a method, the company usnr provides the design of their equipment possible regulation of the cutting tool from log to log and from board to board, that happens automatically, without intervention from the operator. Nevertheless, usnr finds flexibility, working as a sorted, and with unsorted logs, depending on the wishes of their customers.

1. with unsorted logs, you save on buying sorting line, and also avoid additional costs of operating and maintenance log sorting line. 2. When you work with unsorted logs do not need to have on the production site of substantial stocks of round timber, since there is no need to accumulate a large number of logs each diameter before sending them into production. You can simply send all logs to the sawmill, regardless of their diameters.