SMS sending is a unique opportunity to conduct an effective advertising campaign to expand its customer base and increase sales of goods and services. A set of measures to survive and overcome the crisis, with increase of capital of your company. 1. SMS Notifications – allows you to quickly inform customers about ongoing promotions, discounts, new services and products. Staying connected with your customers you will create an image company, which is the value of customers. You will not lose customers who may have no interest in your services in a difficult time for them. But if you exit from the crisis would be preferable to its competitors.

Sms text messaging is one of the the most effective and inexpensive means of advertising. The subscriber receives the information instantly and reads it to 99%! 2. Sending voice messages – a more expensive way of advertising compared to SMS sending, but ten times cheaper print, television and radio advertising. Newsletter pleasant voice mail recipient, the subscriber listens to your ad text, creating the illusion of communication, while it is possible to include the names of subscribers in the text of the advertisement. 3. Attracting new clients – conducting promotions in the form of SMS Quiz, SMS voting and other types of stocks, actively using SMS services on the short numbers. Short sms number is FREE! 4. Development and implementation of advertising campaigns.

The organization, planning, copywriting our specialists will fit your budget, goals, and do it professionally! Benefits of SMS service reliability SMS sending. Our The system uses many Russian and European SMS centers and has multiple channels send messages. Servers are located in the most powerful technological platforms. This allows you to send messages to all of the planet guaranteed and quickly! For companies with a high level of confidentiality provided for message encryption option. The initial mode of communication is available only to the recipient. Several types of services for sending and receiving messages. Distribution Service allows you to send SMS, MMS and voice messages organizvovyvat service on short number. Loading contacts in every format. Base numbers for SMS sending can be provided in format Excel, txt, xsv and other formats. Our experts will handle sending sms to your phone base. Custom return address. When sending SMS and MMS recipient’s name can be anything – a phone number, company name, e-mail address, etc. High speed SMS mailing. Velocity distribution: 150 SMS and MMS per second, 300 voice messages per minute. Perfect quality mailing voice messages through the channel E1 (“Golden Telecom”). Full range of services (SMS mailing, sms advertising ,…). Subscribe and receive SMS and MMS, voice messages, receive free and premium messages are short and federal numbers!