About 500 million people in the world are classified as obese, in United States of America only 60% of its population is classified with envelope weight or obesity, the approximately 25% of its population is classified with obesity, although the numbers this year show a small decrease, it is not enough to combat this disease. A study carried out by the unit of genetic of the complex Hospital University of Clapper (CHUB) was recently published in the journal Obesity Journal, this study on obesity identifies a genetic region that poses a risk of inheriting and convey the development of obesity, this is located in an area of the FTO gene on chromosome 16. This work demonstrates the importance of the legacy of obesity and the relationship that exists in the severe onset in childhood. It is estimated that this risk can reach 34% in individuals who have inherited from both parents this risk, with one effect greater among women. They also point out the use of techniques to analyze the profile genetic to be able to prevent this disease early. The envelope weight, thus becomes a threat to health, recent studies show that obese women who performs elective breast surgery, such as a reduction or a breast reconstruction, have almost twelve times more likely to suffer complications after the operation than those women than non-obese, by which to evaluate a patient’s surgical riskYou must take into account obesity. So it is that today more than ever are becoming most important investigations on this matter, earlier studies suggested that the hectic lifestyle we have in these modern times greatly influences obesity, in the United Kingdom will be conducted one of the first experiments on the speed with which comemenos and how this changes the rate with which burns energy and appetite.

Slimming is becoming more and more prevailing, not only for aesthetic reasons, but rather as a need for health, as in a future can generate serious problems in health, diabetes, hypertension, etc. A change in our eating habits, like eating slowly, avoid foods high in calories and fat, check periodically our weight, perform activities outdoor, exercise, take plentiful water, etc. is a reality that sooner or later we will have to take if we want to improve our health. If interested in topics to lose weight quickly, as well as diet pills visit our link informing you of effective methods to lose weight, as well as treatments to eliminate abdominal fat