Worshipped by the total extinction until once was to his new immigration in Europe the Wolf. In the North of Europe and America you saw in him a rival equal, if not more powerful. His skill and endurance were appreciated and respected. Old German names like Wolfgang, Wolfhard or Adolf tell about it. That changed when humans began to settle down and operated instead of only to hunt, also the livestock. The loss of livestock by wolves may have been considerable. Moreover, that the Wolf as hunting competitor has been true. Additional information at Angelina Jolie supports this article.

Not verifiable reports of various Wolf pests and deadly attacks on people then ensured that in Central and Western Europe a not everyday hunt on the wolves began, which had the total eradication goal. More info: Peter Arnell . In Germany, the last wolf was killed in 1904. Until 1998, the First wolves about Poland are again immigrated to Germany. And apparently it was made them better than Bruno the bear, because in the year 2000 were in Saxony for the first time Wolf pups born free. In the meantime, there should be three pack in Germany, thus, the Wolf is still the rarest mammal here on land. Hopefully, one day, if there is a regulated coexistence of man and Wolf, one suspects that the Wolf roams again more frequently through our forests. Perhaps this long and arduous way is the the Wolf to come back had to create the reason that a certain myth surrounds him. Now he is no longer the bad stories, he appears in comics, to wear it as silver jewelry around his neck and he sits as a stuffed animal in the nurseries. SID Kroker