How on a small scale in the large, as in the great in the small! Long ago, we are in the midst of the greatest consciousness change, humanity has ever experienced. The old paradigms no longer valid. Something new would occur at this point. This is new but most people either still unaware, or they can even be aware-be integrated. This involves also the understanding that everything is one, although we can split it.

It is an Earth, it is a humanity and each Gets a mirror held above by its own turmoil. In the mirror he sees but don’t like. The big, the Earth is also a mirror and demonstrated the need to strip off the old, the outdated, the out-dated seemingly without regard. People seem helpless and must watch how whole areas in ruins are located, flooded, burned or destroyed by the wind. This forces the rebuilding. Also a new structure, a new awareness is urging in us.

A consciousness, the not the outside only Reality, but which has recognized that this reality is created first by an inner spiritual awareness. You can do what you need now only on the outside, to help the survivors and to help rebuild. Earth saving itself, she not destroyed themselves, she would be the last one, which itself would destroy. The Earth has her own consciousness and with everything in connection. It comes to us people! It comes for you, for you to enter themselves in the new awareness and change your perspective. Look at your body, look at your information environment look exactly at what no longer works for you. Everything should just work and getting better, faster, bigger and bigger. In the wider context as well. Look what everything collapses, see the economic and financial crisis, see the sexual crisis, look where all old point of view and ways of thinking in question provided and must renew itself. Man has but has long been his own ambitious collective Objective to explore the surface of its body, its external reality, our Earth, etc., which is good to know about. He has divided even the smallest particles of matter. What would he do now even further split? What is with the human consciousness? Is it sufficiently explored? Already, the ideas to get more and more in the micro – and Makrokosmus reflect the inner desires of mankind, to leave the existing, well known dimensions. On the physical level but we don’t get. It is only on the level of a new spiritual awareness. If spirit creates matter, is the origin in the spirit (which means not the rather small mind). So we must connect back to our origin. Our origin is our soul, the Urschopferische. There is the “big bang”, after being researched. And it will now constantly so pop. It’s now about the whole thing to the multidimensional. The Earth reflects us currently at large, what has become necessary at each of us, the old consciousness, the old structures, revising outdated vision and approaches, to leave and to allow that new which can give birth to. The Earth and the people are in a transition period, they are pregnant. These are the turbulence. So how man renews itself, there are also our Earth is renewed. She has skillfully used this and will do it again now. If you want to access somewhere, then intervene yourself. Nothing you can do for the large, if you let the little misses. Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic Thearapeut