Outsourcing printing service allows companies to save on the purchase of high quality print (Possibly printing), establishing a fee for services rendered. For a company the user is very convenient as it saves her from the large initial investments in office equipment, recurrent costs of its repair and adjustment. Decrease the risks of incurring losses due to the impossibility at the right time to print your document. Conclusion: The comprehensive outsourcing passed on to it-outsourcing partner cares about maintaining the infrastructure customer in working condition, updating computer park and software, office equipment and supplies. Cons: – Due to the relative "youth" of this market in Russia, information about companies, service providers of outsourcing, their reputation is often unavailable.

Part of it is difficult to assess in advance the level of competence of the specialists of these companies and have to settle for merely provide them the same data or opinions of friends and partners. The result is often a client company can not always make the right choice in terms of matching the level of services provided outsourcer with its requirements. – The customer may not always affect control the process of building a team of specialists outsourcing partners, and try to force their own corporate standards. Given that this is an important activity for the company's information technology component, the lack of opportunity to influence the selection of personnel and norms that these personnel will be guided in the work, creates for the company an additional risk. -Access to the business processes of third-party companies provider of outsourcing to date, still creates substantial risks of information security. These risks relate to both the potential loss of information, and the possibility of disclosure through the fault of employees provider.

To sum up, we can conclude that the Russian it outsourcing companies need, but to this issue must be approached carefully. Transfer should be subject to only those it functions that do not create competitive advantage in the market. Company it Consultant offers a full range of services which includes it outsourcing. We design, padding, installation, network design, Installing and configuring network equipment and computer maintenance. On request, we can provide certification for equipment and installation works in accordance with international standards. For all types of work is warranted (the contract).