A patient was scheduled for Cesarean for dystocia of pelvic presentation, was Multipara, but wanted operation. June 18 was the day agreed, as 11 and minutes I arrived at the clinic, physician anesthesiologist was also a friend of the patient and the poor point to give the best possible care, sat down on the couch, washed his back and put the anesthesia, tested height, slept it, took vital signs, especially blood pressure and authorize me the start of it. Cesarean section began without news, left the girl, came from feet, went well, without problems, the pediatrician, photo shoot received and took her we get the Placenta, clean cavity and when it was already closing the uterus the patient begins to take me from my leg what?, ignore that episode and I kept moving forward, but almost immediately returned to catch me what? do you have pain? do you feel? You asked – by his gestures he knew There was pain, the patient was sore, and anaesthesia? I tried to advance it more fast possible, but were stitches with a needle that they gave and that hurts it was obvious that the anesthesia had been geographical had been partially anesthetized the patient that Dr. happens? it asked to the anesthesiologist, she subsided, while trying to soothe the pain to the patient using other painkillers but I had a headache, and not soothed him with nothingDr. wanted to sleep, to sedate her but she didn’t want to sleep, I wanted to be awake, why not sedaban it, the partially anesthetized patient, endured stoically, almost half of the operation, the technique of nursing and a friend who accompanied her gave value, caressed him, the same doctor didn’t know that would talk to him, caressed him but in each stitch that wasI felt her hand catching me in the leg, and so stitch after stitch finished that caesarean section, at the end, I approached the patient and gave her an affectionate kiss on merit to your courage, gesture that the patient also replied affectionately. The girl in the meantime rested in his happy crib. Original author and source of the article