The sources of straight they have varied to travs of history for example if we carried out a comparison of the sources in the Peruvian right with the old Roman right is clear that we found or well-known differences great. Also if we studied the sources of the right to travs of history, we found differences, for example, in the history of the civil right are differences referred to the sources of the right. 8. LEGISLATION CAN BE COMPARED the legislation is the positive right or jurdicas norms, which are approved in each pas in different form that in others, nevertheless, we must consider which they have many subjects in comn, which is studied on the part of the lawyers. Legislation can be compared, thus is clear that not only it is possible to be compared codes, but also legislation generally, thus is clear that can compare civil codes, penal, of work commerce, procedural, aeronautical, of the environment, constitutions, laws of protection to the consumer, laws of titles values, laws of stock market, laws competing, registry, tributary norms, customs, labor norms, among others, thus what we want to desmostrar that the codification is not the unique thing that can be compared, nevertheless, the mentioned one is but well-known or studied in such sense the Peruvian civil code of 1984 with the Spanish civil code of 1889, or the Peruvian penal code of 1991 with the Peruvian penal code of 1924, or the Spanish civil code of 1889 with the French civil code of 1804 with the Italian civil code of 1942 can be compared, among others examples. 9. JURISPRUDENCE CAN BE COMPARED the jurisprudence are the allowed failures or ejecutoriados, but with the caracterstica that is obligatory for later processes, thus books exist on this subject, in which it compiles the same and even in some magazines commentaries are published on the same, when the jurisprudences are not correct or when the same are not respected, which deserves a greater study on the part of the treaty writers.