I think that all that one that did not tolerate the doubt was with a stocking-truth. The pretensioso desire of that the truth that if it searchs (therefore not yet known), coincides with what already it is known, can lead the research tendenciosamente. In such a way the search is of if confirming what already if wise person, and nothing it has to have with a real research that would lead to the knowledge. Here I cite Gaston Bachelard: ' ' The truth is son of the quarrel and not of simpatia' ' (There Philosophy of In, 1973, p111). It is alone in the confrontation of what already it is known with stranger, that we can extract the reality.

We come across ourselves with the threat of the use of the content of the memory as reference. This hinders the arrival of this stranger: ' ' novo' '. Thus the point of view if limits. It is as if the citizen said: ' ' If I do not have in my memory, does not exist (it is not truth) ' '. The affection. Any that either the form to search the truth that not, either with, and for the love, already suggests a model toxic. The love and the truth are two non-separable formularizations in the fullness. The love for the truth and the truth for the love.

That one that it loves and not worries about the truth, it is gotten passionate. If the true one love if it seems much more durability of what with intensity, what it will be of this love/passion when to come really? Still in the relation truth and love; I think about the inverse one. That one that searchs the truth, that not for love, practises the arrogance; a factor that in the research of the truth, deturpa and transforms it into instrument of torture or firearm.