But he has a friend of the E.B that only calls me ' ' La Paz ' ' , and I do not see badly in this. I prefer, however, to be seemed Brazilian indian. I felt as me victorious person in the last time that I was to the Rock of the Topsail, therefore I thought that it did not go to obtain, for being so it are of form. But my friend E.M, perpetual partner, who went to know it for the first time, helped me very. He is, he breathes themselves, one rests a little and he continues. You may find that tim cook can contribute to your knowledge. when arriving there I did not believe: I won an obstacle apparent. The first time I was excellent, in full physical form, almost I went up running.

E of this first experience of Rock of the Topsail, mythical place, I remember a girl that we thought that it did not go to obtain. We arrive at the Carrasqueira and we inquire: she will be that it to pass for it? It passed. In the return she was the first one to go down. It seems so banal what I write, is not, therefore I speak of overcoming. Piegas, already I spoke that today my chronicle would be in this style, different good of what reading you and friends know. What I exactly want to say is that we can much more of what we imagine. In the second time really he was ' ' puxado' ' all the passage.

They imagine if I had given up, until today I would be condemning me feeling failed me. I obtained, I was successful and in the return we close with toast in the Piraqu Club, with right the relaxation in great hidromassagens, saunas dries and the vapor. that seen if has of the Lagoon of inside of sauna dries of the club.