The people, on the other hand, made a fun film. The same thing had the opportunity to attend a function who couldn’t afford the high price of the rooms of luxury, such as those by a few coins saw film with signs upside down, since the screen was used by both sides. That in Mexico the development of the film industry was slower, compared with other countries, in the capital as in many other cities the cinematographer however occupied an important place in the life of society. Film was incorporated into the daily life of the Mexicans, to become a reference, means of education, reason anecdotes and conversation among family and friends. The cinema during the Mexican revolution from its origin, the film became an important means of communication because it gathers at the same time a large number of people. This quality has served him so that is also recognized as a valuable tool of propaganda. Mirror of the Reality in 1896 cinema made its appearance in Mexico and immediately became popular, since it counted with the acceptance of the general Porfirio Diaz own.

The views, as he was called to jacks a few minutes showing everyday life. Objectivity and capacity of mass media of the film were immediately exploited by politicians, as a means for propaganda, according to their interests. Presidential Porfirio Diaz propaganda used to film to register, in films of longer duration than the views, some official events of particular importance, as the presidential celebrations of 1906, held in Merida, Yucatan; the voyage of Justo Sierra to the ruins of Palenque, in 1909, and his interview with the then President of United States, Taft, carried out in October of the same year, in the city of El Paso, Texas. Not only the Government of Porfirio Diaz made propaganda in the film.