sustainable 1.2Gesto Considers Sustainable Management, the capacity to manage a company, community or nation, valuing all the forms of capitals: human being, natural and financial, in order to generate to the Stakeholders the waited return, either financial or through ambient benefits. The directed management the support foresees the adoption of a series of initiatives that go since practical corporative prompt to the elaboration of a Report of Support as resulted of a sustainable management in four great periods of training: (1) adoption of practical prompt; (2) definition of corporative politics; (3) adoption of an integrated system of management and (4) practical advanced of has reported. After the adoption of this series of initiatives (periods of training), is necessary to carry through a work of accompaniment evaluation of performance in support, for in such a way, verified it necessity of the creation of ambient pointers, as for example the indices of ecoeficiencia, emissions of effect gases greenhouse (GEE), ambient certifications, tax of accidents and residues. The idea of sustainable management must be added to the concept of economic and partner-ambient responsibility, an administrator (manager) will be considered responsible when equalizar these concepts bringing the balance between these, as example of the figure that follows: Figure 1: Representation of the Equalizao of the concepts. Source: WIKIPEDIA, 2009 1.3Project Finance (Financing of Projects) Project Finance is a financial estruturao that has for objective to make possible one definitive project of investments, playing an important paper in the economic development when providing financings of long stated period and in many times, almost that in its majority, loans the sensible projects in the ambient and social area (BID, 2009). use of a PF has for objective: to isolate the risk of the project and the risk of the shareholders, therefore is not requested no form of guarantees or arrives in port of proper resources of the enterprising shareholders/, the biggest risks incur to the creditors who need a PF structure that presents all at great length the inherent risks to the project, aiming at that nothing of missed abnormal person or he occurs during the validity of the financing.