And every day there are new light on the means to solve the current problems that are right and wrong were squeezing into the already familiar to us and try to win selection to our attention. The manufacturers of those larger, working with consumers through the media, conducting large-scale BTL-actions, are spending huge budgets on direct work with consumers. And what do those producers who can not afford it? And anyway, how to promote a new make-up or create a demand for that which is "dead" in the store without spending big money on it? The article, which you read, is a description of the two ideas to stimulate the sales of cosmetic products in retail store or cosmetics department at the supermarket. The main principle of ideas – the maximum efficiency, minimum investment. Idea number 1 campaign: "Every time I look at it, buy it, finally, and try!" It's not funny! It's really slogan! Suppose we have in store doroguschy face cream, five hundred rubles, and that price is not conducive to consumer activity.

Do not "sweep" it like hot cakes, and an increase in the average amount of the check store interested. Supplier and manufacturer is also interested in seeing this cream on sale. And here is a simple action: a woman comes into the store and encounters a table on which the pyramid of these creams or other installation under slogan on Whatman paper: "Every time I look at it, buy it, finally, and try!" Why is this idea could work? Of course, this cream does not wipe out two hours in the amount of one hundred pieces, but that at the time of such action on his pay attention Chance of 100%. And the probability of purchase is also very high. Judge for yourself, the slogan has three verbs: look, I'll try.