In turn, creditors, writing within one month, may require the firm commitment or early termination of the damages. 7) The reorganization of the company by separating necessarily drawn dividing the balance which clearly displays all the rights and obligations of companies. Rick Dad, Poor Dad often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Dividing balance must include the following documents: – Annual financial statements of the legal entity to the restructuring process;-balance sheet of the reorganized entity balance sheets of institutions allocated after the reorganization, the results of an inventory of property, rights and responsibilities to the process of reorganization – the registry of property, rights and obligations of the reorganized entity and the selected entities after restructuring. – Just the division balance sheet includes the rules for which there is distribution of assets and liabilities between the reorganized entity and allocated legal entity. All this period of this document this document is to be taken from the date of separation balance to date of state registration of legal entities available. 8) Forming the opening balance.

The basis of the opening balance is the dividing balance. This balance reflects the accounting of all business transactions in the reorganization process. List Property Organization, included in the registration balance must be drawn up immediately after the registration of a dedicated commercial or non-profit organization for the next day. Compilation of the balance period of one month after registration. 9) All documents collected in the course of the reorganization are transferred to the tax authority where the registration of a company which carries out the process. The basic documents needed for reorganization of the company: – Application for reorganization – the founding documents – an agreement to reorganize the company by joining (separation, division, or merger), – an agreement made at the meeting of members of the reorganization – various acts of transmission type, – evidence that lenders are notified of the reorganization process, as it is necessary to provide the publications that published the announcement of the reorganization firms through isolation, separation or merger), – Documents on antitrust and others.