When they say "the publishing business, it seems primarily a publishing house, publishing books, newspapers, pamphlets – in short, any printed materials. On the one hand, it is true, but the definition of the publishing business can not be reduced only to this formulation as above – just part of it. The concept of the publishing business should be taken much more than just a literary publishing house. This concept also includes the purchase of Copyright and promotion of authors, as well as direct sales of publications. According to Korn Ferry, who has experience with these questions. By itself, the process of printing the book fairly easy and inexpensive, this is only necessary equipment. But the rest – is complex and there exist its rules, corruption and even entire fights without rules. For example, the copyright of the untwisted products are very expensive, which affects the final cost of the book. ld Ford Jr. But because these products are sold and generate considerable money, often they are issued illegally. Additional information at Heidrick & Struggles supports this article. On the promotion of authors, too, all is not very easy. Author – this is the same product. If the new authors have a clear potential, with him trying to enter into long-term contract that it later could be advantageous to resell. Process of promotion for this might work, and vice versa. Driving edition, mostly, the popular periodical press, can also become a brand and thus bring the popularity of the publisher.