Truth each one has its. , Descordo of the lies, they do not have to be counted, same because the truth is for few. Not, not descordo with the religions, they must exist, after all are they it great weapon of the government, are they who keep the people and the individual in sequence. The truth is for that they count the lies for a people, the power is for that counts the lies for a people. The secrets and the knowledge are for that they count the lies and they know that are lies elaborated and adjusted to its time.

I only say what I see and this is everything, and this is statistics. I am not of left, I am not atheistic, I am not marxist, I am a rejection of the place, a part that is not incased, What I know that I am not is weapon of the government. The church is weapon of the government, the mulata that requebra is weapon of the government, the mood and the satire is of cynical governing weapons Capable to make of the poison its remedy. The tolerance is weapon of the government. We can change some socos, But it knows that I do not give truces for the subtilities, the well elaborated lies and the excuses That always hide absolute lies or truths.

The subtility the elaborated lies and excuses are capable to make of the conservation of a people quilombola, of an African or aboriginal culture in the conservation of its legacy of submission, slavery, misery, exclusion, desfavorecimento and inferiority. On behalf of the conservation of a people we can deny them its right of progress. They do not come me with subtilities, after all I am a Imparcialista and, therefore nor if it wants I am excluded, simply I do not belong the nothing. As we are vile The IMPARCIALIDADE is also a species of subtility, of disfarada partiality that if becomes persecution to reach objectives.