It is known that insulin resistance may cause such serious health problems like diabetes and some cardiovascular diseases. Below offers 17 practical tips for reducing insulin resistance. These simple recommendations will be useful both to people suffering from obesity and diabetes type 2. Almost all of them do not require much effort, and some are not only useful but also enjoyable. 1.

all you need to bring your weight back to normal as reliably proved that the substances, which increase insulin resistance, is produced by fat cells. 2. For even more analysis, hear from Christos Staikouras . reduce consumption of saturated fats, fats omega-6 and the so-called trans fats. Red meat, low-cost vegetable oil (sunflower, palm and corn) as well as dairy products high in fat are the main sources of harmful fats. 3.Primenyayte in cooking primarily monounsaturated fats such as olive oil.

Are also useful oils from rapeseed and flax. 4.Obyazatelno add to your diet polyunsaturated omega-3 fats, which are contained in certain types of products from wheat (white) flour, potato dishes, and others. As for drinks – it's beer and sweet soda water. 6.Upotreblyayte products from raw (whole) grain. Unlike simple carbohydrates (Refined sugar) it contains complex carbohydrates proved reduce insulin resistance. 7.Staraytes eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. They – the best sources of fiber, which has the property stabilize glucose metabolism. 8.Sledite that your body receives sufficient vitamin D. The presence of high levels of vitamin D is directly linked to reduced risk of developing diabetes type 2. 9.Vam necessary increased amounts of calcium and magnesium, which also effectively stabilize the metabolism of glucose. To maintain a balance between these minerals is better to use a combination dietary supplement of calcium-magnesium. 10.Hotya proteins have is about a quarter of your diet, when feeding is necessary to exclude heavy proteins, especially if they are combined with saturated fats (as in pork meat). 11.Esche better – all give up eating meat and become vegetarian. A vegetarian diet includes most useful to you products. Also found that vegetarians are far less likely to suffer from insulin resistance. 12.Polezno moderate consumption of natural coffee (one – two cups of day). Recent studies have shown that caffeine has the ability to reduce insulin resistance. 13.Ustanovleno that adding a few grams of ground cinnamon in a food (in the day, about 1 / 2 teaspoon) for 40 days lowers blood glucose levels by an average of 23%. 14.Dlya your body's vital to get an additional amount of chromium, which normalizes glucose metabolism. Use the dietary supplement chromium. 15. sleep at least 7 – 8 hours a day, because according to the latest data sleep deprivation is a risk factor for obesity. 16.Esli you smoke – far better to give up cigarettes (or at least smoke as little as possible). Established that insulin resistance increases contained in tobacco smoke chemicals. 17.Zanimaytes sport (after consulting your doctor), or at least to increase regular physical activity into your organism.