The declarations controversies of the Representative Jair Bolsonaro, have been white of severe critical in the media in general. Some say that they possess discriminatory and racist characteristics, others allege that to arrive to dress the characteristics of who it is favorable to the perverse and authoritarian systems as nazism. We do not write to share of the ideas, much less to judge them, but yes to ponder the allegations made for already cited Member of the house of representatives. It is of knowledge of many, seno of all, that the members of the Legislative enjoy of immunity in its words, votes, opinions and thoughts. This with certainty is one of the most excellent rights that propitiate the exercise of the democracy in Brazil, since the least the representatives of the people can freely argue and argue its points of view, revealing what they understand as the people really pertinent. I do not disagree with who affirms that the words of the Member of the house of representatives had been coarse, and had been entoadas in aggressive and inopportune way, however, nor everything that for said it can be left of side. We think that the cited terror the possibility of the ressurgimento of authoritarian systems, cannot serve as argument to be allowed the total freedom to everything. The human being lives in society and therefore it needs social rules that trace lines of direction, therefore quarrels are of extreme necessity. Here, Suna Said expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We observe that beyond the social problems that we know since 1500, the freedom in excess, brought to Brazil great social impediments, serving as a brief example crime. More respect to the next one does not exist! More citizenship does not exist, in its simpler conception, or better hodiernamente, they confuse the citizenship with the mere right the vote or to possess documents! We are in avizinhando of a social collapse, where all the rules previously imposed do not serve with parameter of behavior comment.