Source – Chelyabinsk Restaurants According to directories, in Chelyabinsk are now working more than 30 stores. Eight of them are located in the city's main square and the adjacent pedestrian zone in the street of Kirov. However, in evening there is not always possible to find free places, and this is when the global economic crisis … The secret to the popularity of coffee houses? Inexpensive fun I Cheliabinsk is now fashionable to agree to date, business and friendly meetings in coffee shops or just spontaneously drop into a coffee shop to warm the soul of a cup of fragrant coffee on a frosty winter day. In the coffee shop and go to the students when they have a "window" in the schedule, and mothers with children who ask for cake.

In stores teens celebrate birthdays, and housewives gossip with her friends … Why in the stores? First of all, thanks to democracy. In the cafe you can go safely, even in his pocket only 200-300 rubles. "The average check at our coffee is 300 rubles, – says Amir Khanbhay, director of coffee" cake. " – And this is when people, as they say "good sit".

But many come simply to drink coffee, eat something sweet – for it is usually lack of 150-200 rubles. . " It is through democratic prices, according to restaurateurs, coffee shops, to a lesser extent (than restaurants, for example) affected by the crisis. Of course, many stores have already noted director of a recession demand, and many predict a decline in the near future, but until the stores are still working, and some even extend the network.