Leaving its culture to the little forgotten being, therefore, the children of these young will not have access to know lived them to all for the last generations and yes of that one where she is inserted, that is, the new culture created for the young of today. We cannot affirm that all this cultural set will be lost for the future generations, the current generations still follow a great part of this cultural set, but he gives credit yourself that if each one of these generations to leave stops backwards a piece of it, with elapsing of the time will not have access to these to know. The young of today is innovating its cultural set, where inserted in this group of friends, each one brings obtains a little of its culture and joining these different ones to know, rules, customs, it is created appears a new culture created by them. If it cannot among others say that these new rules and customs cited it is not a culture, is a culture that also can be followed as excessively, however the parents believe that the culture lived for them was well more educative of what of the present. Therefore, it is a challenge in such a way for the parents how much them new generations to follow these cultural sets in the way where he is inserted.