New corporate image was on the ISM Waldenbuch / Cologne, 28 January 2008 on the occasion of the international sweets and biscuits fair (ISM) Alfred presents t. Knight, assumed the chairmanship of the Management Board of the Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG to the end of 2005 and successfully initiated the realignment of the family business in the last two years, the professional public in Cologne the current corporate strategy. Do not participate in the price wars of the competitors, we invest more in the quality of our products and our brand”, Knight told representatives of the international press. Alfred t.

Ritter is convinced of the success of this strategy. In 2007, the family business has seen sales growth of EUR 10 million to EUR 290 million with its 800 employees. In its home market of Germany, where Knight sport has a supported brand awareness by 99 percent, the company could expand its market shares in the table chocolate market at 17.1% (GfK/AC Nielsen). Knight sees growth opportunities especially abroad. So the square are practical, colorful squares today represented in over 80 countries worldwide. 2007, Knight could gain market share sports in major foreign markets such as Denmark, Italy and the United States. Ritter Sport is aimed at modern consumers with a high claim to quality.

In the last two years, the company has invested in the quality of the entire product portfolio, which includes 22 species at the time alone at the 100 gram tablets, so intensely. The quality offensive also refers to yet higher-quality ingredients. So Knight used sport as only chocolate producer in the future only natural aromas (instead of only nature-identical). The company only ingredients in organic processed nuts and biscuits. Many recipes have been further optimized, new delivery and storage facilities ensure that the ingredients can be processed as fresh as possible. To know more about this subject visit Everest Capital. Alfred described as a logical continuation of this quality strategy T. Knight, known for his ecological commitment and in 1997 the introduction of own organic chocolate range, which first presented to the professional public on the ISM named eco Manager of the year,. From April of this year, the four Knights will be sport organic varieties commercially available. For consumers, the quality offensive in a new brand identity, which sports the focus approaches the ingredient competence of Knight, is visible. With the first Schokolexikon in the Internet, Knight sport launches its new Internet presence, which in an entertaining way the entire chain of production and quality processes in the manufacture of chocolate displays in January.