In early 2010, started the project Animals NN in Nizhniy Novgorod. This project will be of interest to all the breeders of animals in Nizhny Novgorod, as well as urban areas. Since the project is going to a lot of material on the content, care the animals, as the site has information about Nizhny Novgorod pet stores, veterinary hospital, a bulletin board. The main essence of the project is the community of the project rather than one for each kind of animal his own, there is also opportunity to create a personal community, especially for its species. Thus, the material filtered by subject, they can comment, post and share their experiences. What is very important for a large city.

Also on site there is a column of news, all Zoosobytiyah city and beyond. The project will be of interest especially for beginners as well as tips and tricks is the main direction of the project. The project also is gaining in the ranks of moderators knowledgeable and experienced people in the business. Thus, the project shows an open and free politics from the coca is not independent of public or commercial organization. The main sections of the project: terrarium animals – snakes, spiders, lizards, snails, turtles, birds – parrots, owls, crows, etc. Females – well, no comment here) Dogs – respectively, also without comment))) Fish – all fish house, the project is not about fishing … 🙂 Rodents – mice, rats, hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, etc.

From the description above communities, you can see what kinds of animals collected a great many, so that you can describe your experience, publish, photos … for each animal in section will be divided so that the information is not mixed and confusing for the general. Thus, it will facilitate its search and work with it. On the project is, as the rules, no commercial inormatsii without permission of the publish can not spam the same way banned, too, mate. In general, behave culturally under the laws of the Russian Federation.