The fact that successful business depends on many factors, it is no secret. For various reasons, there may be situations that will require optimizing the structure of the organization – the restructuring. Restructuring ensure efficient allocation and use of enterprise resources (material, financial, labor, land, technology) and is the creation of complex business units based on the separation of the compounds, elimination (transfer) of existing and establishment of new departments, joining the company of other enterprises, the acquisition of determining the share capital or shares of other organizations. Restructuring – a process aimed at creating a new company structure that would allow the company to develop dynamically and to solve problems identified by the owners of the company. The main objectives of the restructuring Business: – building an effective system to manage a group of companies – a clear definition of the capital structure and mechanisms to ensure its protection – the distribution of operating in a legally significant of several entities – the selection of the operating of the parent and management company – the allocation of profit centers from operating activities and proceeds from the premise of profit centers low-tax jurisdictions – a selection of significant business assets from operating activities and their defense – optimizing the total tax burden of a new group – reducing taxes and property risks; – Attraction of investors – reducing the cost of the group In this article we will talk about which of these problems and how you can solve through the correct formation of a holding company structure.

The notion of holding or holding holding structure – an effective instrument of ownership and management of heterogeneous assets. Uniform law on holding companies in the Russian Federation is missing, therefore the activity of holding governed by separate provisions of the civil, tax, antitrust, corporate law. The legislation imposes certain restrictions on the holdings, but in general, provides the necessary tools for effective management and finance within the holding. .