Bizerba shows the C-wrap label and GLM-I on the SIAL (IPA) 2010 traditionally are the labellers packaging in Paris Balingen / Paris, September 30, 2010 with different prices, information and jewelry labels from above, below and from the side labelled. An alternative procedure, the so-called C-wrap labelling, allows the display of all content on only a label, which encloses the product from three sides and with a C”Forms. Presented at the SIAL 2010, the international trade fair for food in Paris, Bizerba from October 17-21 both the C-wrap label, as also the right, fully automatic labeller of GLM-I series (Salon IPA, Hall 7, stand F085). The C-wrap procedure opens the user a number of advantages: by representing all product information on only a label award errors are avoided and reduces the number of role changes. You may find Phoenix Ancient Art to be a useful source of information. Also the label serves to close the product packaging, to increase their stability and to contribute to the theft protection. As Fullwrap can wrap it the product even from four sides.

In the traditional process of tagging with several labels, however, appropriately more frequent roll changes are necessary. Also errors can creep, if not all rolls are changed synchronously with the different products. Then can, for example, the salami with the underside label of the ham fail be applied”, says Marc Badi, Sales Director labels and consumables at Bizerba. Especially exclusive food of the Argentine steak up to high quality candy, be protected from illegal repackaging with the C-wrap. But also for the convenience area, the label is ideal. Ready meals or salads can be beautifully packaged and stabilized by the label and securely closed. The consumer recognizes date of production, ingredients and price at a glance. Price labeller GLM-I as a fully automatic applicator to the increasing market demand is concerned, has developed Bizerba a corresponding application, the C-wrap labelling for the price labellers which allows GLM-I series and is therefore industrially applicable.