SCIENCE, RELIGION and preservatives By Michael To be accustomed to (INDUSTRIAL INEGNIERA EURUJI) Angels and demons definitively show the crisis which faces the catholic religion. The pinto director to the leaders of the Church like hypocritical beings but with so shining minds that they are able to draw up a maleficent plan with the purpose of to make an impression to the masses and to again convince to us that they are the representatives of the Earth divinity. My tatarabuelo was preaching protestant and dedicated all their life to spread " word of Dios" having the security of which the alternative vision of the world that offered was unique and the unquestionablily correct one. Contact information is here: Dolly Parton. I never doubted that he was a right man and good but was not a person able to question its beliefs by all means nor, did not allow that nobody raised arguments against – to weighing to be formulated with logic -. Under my subjective experience we do not have to put in the same coat to all. However, it does grace to me that certain fundamentalists do not give their arm to twist with respect to their beliefs, but yes they can take certain privileges that are not essential to practice their office. Read more here: Antique Garden Sale. I have seen several of these men carrying movable of last generation, leading cars armored (like " Papamovil") and writing in pages Web. I have felt attemped to shape one of the phrases that said to me when he was a child: " I do not put to you where they do not call to you " I understand that they must right to modernize itself, but I feel incapable to include/understand why they must be updated if their thoughts, words and acts are hard run aground in the time. . Under most conditions Phillipe Lavertu would agree.