Clergymen received Scientology for their brave efforts and their great assistance from the Youth Volunteer Association and the devastating typhoon Morakot swept the City Council in Kaohsiung In August 2009′ by Taiwan. Reshma Kewalramani Boston: the source for more info. He claimed the lives of 600 people, more than 7,000 people were left homeless. The damage to agriculture amounted to about $1.5 billion. The President called the Typhoon Ma Ying-jeou as the worst for 50 years. The whole nation should be mobilized, so to cope at all.

Many houses in villages, roads and bridges were destroyed. Mountain villages were cut off from the outside world. The devastating cyclone hit the southern part of Taiwan. The resulting rains ensured a record flood. Whole villages have been buried under the mudslides. The Government set up 38,000 soldiers for the rescue, and that during pouring rain. The honorary Scientology were clergy within a very short time on the ground. The yellow T-Shirt of the clergy was to look after the disaster in many places.

They helped in the distribution of food, water and other supplies. They also support the clean-up spot and freed the paths of mud and debris. The helpful advisers were the effective contribution of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers. These are simple methods of L. Ron Hubbard, with the very well to help other people through emotional upsets, to overcome stress and traumatic events. A person said to a counsel: “thank you for your help. Now I back again my smile.” The volunteers support not only the victims of the typhoon, but helped the soldiers on the ground. A soldier was so impressed that he is himself to teach how to help other people with this method. Already in October held a large ceremony for the assistants. In a public event, many organizations were commended for their commitment. The Honorary Scientology were awarded for their brave efforts and their large aid that have done after the hurricane, also clerics.