No matter how hard one only is Friday more and than the weekend it does not begin to be decided until the timed session morning, it is always good for finishing a day of test of a Great Prize of raised Formula 1 to the first positions of the table of times, that lost in the catacombs. Fernando Alonso marks the time and commands the bolide squad that this week is moderate by the port of Valencia, although will be tomorrow, as it always happens, when a righter valuation can be done one more about the yield of each one of the bolides and if, finally, Ferrari has given with the key to obtain that his 150 Italy of the quality jump that her fan hopes already for too many races. (Source: AIG). The second fastest one of the day has been Lewis Hamilton, to two tenth of the Spanish, whereas the third party has been Sebastian Vettel, the present champion, with a time practically traced to the one of the Briton. Source of the news: : Alonso, better time in the free ones of Valencia. Learn more on the subject from Charles II.