The Munich-based DCM AG in the form brings carefully selected asset Fund’s strengths and the advantages of a broad spread of ‘ DCM GmbH & co. VorsorgePortfolio 2 KG’ at the start. The successor of the DCM VorsorgePortfolio 1 placed out in the last year has a planned equity capital of EUR 50 million and offers the possibility of participation from 10,000 euros. A premium will be waived. Participation variants with a one-time payment or as rates savers are provided with different maturities. It is planned to invest mainly defensive-oriented property fund initiators belonging to the Association of closed-end Fund (VGF) in 20 to 30. The investment objectives and contractual relationships must be clearly defined and clarified, to expect a constant reflux.

The waiver of debt complements the philosophy of cause-oriented capacity building. Further advantages are the largely independent of the stock market and inflation protection. Thus, the DCM VorsorgePortfolio 2 is the ideal complement for example, equity-based investments”, Claus Hermuth says AG. as Chairman of the Board of DCM The decision, invested in the funds of the five asset classes real estate, aircraft, solar, ships and containers is, done by an independent investment Advisory Board to Prof. Dr. Franz-Joseph busses.

He teaches finance at the University of Munich and is an industry recognized expert of the Monetary Fund market. Buses has shown that a higher return can be achieved through an intelligent admixture of closed-end property Fund to an existing portfolio of pensions and shares at reduced risk indicator. The acquisition of the target funds is carried out with successive deposit of equity of investors over the years spread to 40 percent of assets managed and 60 per cent in distinct industrial investments. Following the idea of sustainable capacity building it is possible to here his income for the one time contributors. The rates savers, however, reinvested in General and shorten his deposit by this RatenTurbo” called effect for up to four years. A special feature of the Fund is a dividend amounting to four percent, which is already granted during the placement period. The DCM VorsorgePortfolio 2 has an unlimited term principle, however foresees hardship clauses. A first-time termination is possible at the 31.12.2020 (one time contributors) or 31.12.2025 (rate savers). We assume an increasing volatility on the stock markets. Here, monetary systems offer an important addition to stabilize existing capital or assets to build sustainably. We have summarized the advantages of the major asset classes at the DCM VorsorgePortfolio 2″, explains Claus Hermuth, Chairman of the Board of DCM. The Munich-based DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the German investment market. The investment amounts to more than Euro 4 billion since inception.