Safety is a precious commodity for people. Cameras, security, life insurance and are employed frequently. But sometimes that’s not enough and creativity is the order of the day. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeremy Tucker offers on the topic.. Currently in some neighborhoods the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) function called “School Safety Corridor.” In 2003 Juan Jancewicz, a neighbor of the neighborhood of Devoto, promoted this joint initiative. The “School Safety Corridor” he said at the outset to protect over 4,000 students attending four schools in this district. The idea came after the daughter of Jancewicz was persecuted several times by a group of individuals who traveled by car along the route that took her from school to home. After talking with other neighbors, Jancewitcz, he noticed that several students and teachers had been victims of crime in the vicinity of their schools. Since then, established a support network for each neighborhood.

Residents and traders who place on their premises a sign reading: “Supervised area. School Safety Corridor “- joined the initiative, so that before any emergency children, parents and teachers can help. The corridor covers an area of 70 blocks, in the area the new police presence is noted after 18 hours which makes essential the support of neighbors, who also joined authorities of educational institutions involved. In turn, to the extent the zonal police patrols stepped up movement, and incorporated some quarters of the Rotary Club is able to print flyers to explain and promote it. Based on the success of this initiative, “School Safety Corridors” multiplied and spread to other neighborhoods in the capital of Argentina.