The secret of this performance – a combination of bleaching properties of the laser and atomic oxygen – the active current component of the gel, which is used to procedure. During the session of whitening dentist puts on the tooth surface (or more often – it's "smile zone", ie incisors, canines and premolars) is a special thick gel based on seaweed with destabilized formula. Then, for each tooth in turn directed the laser beam under the influence of which the gel breaks up and out of the stands atomic oxygen. This active natural oxidant penetrates the deepest layers of enamel and react with the pigments, neutralizing and outputting their final products to the surface. Due to its small size and high penetrating power, it reaches the dentin, and provides a very deep whitening effect.

The laser energy also contributes to the deepest penetration of oxygen, so the laser teeth whitening can solve the problem of the persistent and even congenital discoloration of enamel. Laser tooth whitening – is: The impressive result. Continue to learn more with: Philippe Lavertu. Laser teeth whitening – this is the most effective treatment among all the professional techniques, its use has become a real revolution in the world of aesthetic dentistry. Only one procedure is enough to forget about the dark spots, "smoker's teeth, and for patients with congenital yellowish enamel awaits a pleasant surprise – a shining, perfect smile. Security. Doyle’s has much to offer in this field. Despite this efficiency, laser teeth whitening – quite gentle and mild procedure.

In contrast to the chemical bleaching, it does not desiccate the enamel and makes teeth sensitive to temperature change and vulnerable to germs. Method can be used even on sensitive teeth fragile enamel, in adolescence, in the presence of seals. This is the only method of bleaching, which not only does not harm the enamel, and vice versa – helps to strengthen it, compaction by reducing the distance between the enamel prisms of which it consists. The method is also effective in the fight against tooth sensitivity. In this If further treatment is carried out in-depth laser fluorination and calcination teeth. Guarantee for many years. As a rule, resistant enamel pigmentation accumulated for many years, or even in childhood, at the stage of laying the permanent teeth, so after the procedure teeth darken as much as 7-10 years, and in most cases – have never been. natural smiles. Before proceeding to the procedure itself, a dentist with a patient pick a color that is desirable to achieve. To this end, the teeth "try on" dozens of shades of enamel, of which everyone can find his own – the tone that looks perfectly natural. As a rule, it is slightly differs from pure white – can be milky, creamy or bluish. In its submissions to the reference color of teeth all agree – the smile has to be pure white, but in practice this color would look "False" and artificial. Laser tooth whitening can make a dazzling smile in a natural surrounding in which there will be no doubt.