“You’re so like you’re his” by IRA Kroker. Publisher Driediger. To understand a basic prerequisite is the self-propelled, emotions, the way it “ticking”, lead to successful relationships and finding meaning in life. Without realizing itself without the willingness to learn more about themselves, relations rather resemble a war between independent egos. The life takes place only as baiting for more.

To find themselves in has nothing with distant trips to enlightened gurus to do or entry into a monastery. Rather it has to do to discover who she really is one, so that you start to accept, how is that loving Yes to yourself by introspection. It is a strange phenomenon that people have trouble loving yourself. It should be ostensibly considered but the easiest in the world, because we are busy all the time, to get the best and most of everything for ourselves, to make it us as pleasant and beautiful. Is not free The strongest survival instinct we have.

But why does it so hard the most, to love yourself, to accept how it is? Love is an attitude towards themselves, which is then reflected outward first and foremost. A setting that is difficult to many people because she day daily reactions, settings, attitudes, aversions, body parts etc. discover themselves, that they dislike or even hate. So they formed a negative judgment about yourself and rejects people with similar characteristics, while you can admire other “positive” features that you don’t have. Thus suppressing parts its very own personality, so that one finally no longer accepted himself as a whole. But it is this person now, and every time, if the unloved part of the personality for days, it sinks more and more into self accusation and self-pity. This often leads to anxiety and aggression, themselves and others. Now to clean to get and a balanced, loving self to person, it is to convince themselves of the unwanted part of me would not exist unhelpful. Self denial leads us away from reality and driving a wedge into the Interior of our personality. Even if it works then outwardly healthy, appear often lifted one, which disconnected from reality, sometimes “too good to be true”. Often a result of self denial and repression and attempting to be someone different, “better”. So, you can better love thinking one. But the opposite is the case. One “degenerates” into a caricature and developed a personality was torn. In the process, to accept themselves and love it comes especially to allow to be so, as it is really to be authentic. And that means, above all, that you need to find out who she really is one. What are my innermost desires? What is my drive? Where do I want to, and what is important in life? What are my values? Many people do not live their own values, but that her parents, pastor, heads. You first detected, who really is one, so you will find that it’s not so hard to love yourself, because you look suddenly from a whole new perspective and begin to understand who she really is one. To further deepen a book Tip: “You’re so like you’re his” by IRA Kroker. Publisher Driediger.