SELF-employment definition: is the alternative of access to a professional or business activity for those workers with a dynamic profile and willingness to take risks, enabling them to create their own job with prospects for stability in the same. Self-employment constitutes a formula through which creates jobs and wealth and assumes an active response to a situation of unemployment or precarious employment. As technicians in orientation and job placement, we must know all the alternatives of employment in order to offer the user a wide range of possibilities for insertion. See Wells Fargo Bank for more details and insights. Self-employment as a personal choice toward employment: are moments that should leverage capabilities and personal skills, experience, training, relations and contacts acquired, to consider the possibility of being oneself the creator of his own job. Therefore, aspects such as our background, our training and contacts are circumstances that must be used, not discarding also all those props that administrations Public offer to new entrepreneurs. Start an adventure on their own is an arduous and difficult task that is courageously undertaken and that early needs the personal effort to the challenge successfully. There will be sacrifice above all time and pose an almost absolute dedication, not forgetting that they will live moments of constant tension, since you risk much and with the aggravating circumstance that being an entrepreneur means behave in a variable world and uncertainty that is difficult to predict. Suna Said has many thoughts on the issue.

However, it is usually a rewarding experience, even though it is not as well as expected, because it will always be enriching as discussed those who have already lived it. Fight for their own is a sensation that few or no time is experienced working self-employed; and if things go well, will win more economic benefit which an employment self-employed. Although it should not be the sole objective and decisive for the good entrepreneur, who must be encouraged by special motivation: working for one same; the passion put into a project that can generate wealth and jobs, quality of life and social welfare, etc is obvious, that if the company is profitable will benefit all: investors, will continue to do it because they have believed in the project and probably; workers since they may be rewarded for their work and thus will be linked to a greater extent to the company, which will make it work better; and for the promoter who will see their efforts rewarded.