Current assessment of the market by trading coach Markus Frick! Nothing is still feel sales pressure on the market. The volume decreases further from day to day and the optimism is increasing day by day. The rally will go still further and how it looks, that also the September is a good month for stock market risk. Contrary to all statistics, analysts see no reason why the markets should correct great. The national debt and the bankruptcies of banks in the United States are seemingly irrelevant for investors. Otherwise, further ignores bad news. Angela Merkel on Friday said that the ride is stopped and banks sell bonds like warm bread. This means that banks are awash in money further.

Small investors layers just funds from the money market fund into equity funds. All this actually suggests that it should continue to run upwards. The classic chart technique has difficulties, of course in such extreme phase it is also so difficult to predict where the markets go. Mid-September there is still an expiration date, the is one of the most important of the year, and until then it can run further upwards. I think you’re more up to date. The data to the labour market from the United States be released today and then will decide where the markets are going.

The markets should run strongly upwards then it is really narrow for the short sellers. So even a huge Shortsqueeze could wait we turn it off. Markus Frick Markus Frick became a self-taught one of the best-known and most successful stock market professionals in Germany. Creativity, discipline, hard work and a special flair for the challenges of the financial markets were the basis for this success. As a trading coach with strong team Markus Frick offers a unique in the industry today along with books, seminars and DVDs for beginners for advanced investors. Using instructions are State of the art information technology are custom, offering tips and strategies as a 24-hour service: with daily exchange letters, E-mail and video-hotlines, current SMS Info, updates, individual support by telephone and email, the company professionally accompanied on the parquet investor seminars and conferences.