Still need a small compressor for equalizing the pressure, a set of regular keys and special keys. Keys 17, 19, 22, 24 and 27 buy stronger. On the one hand they should be with collar, on the other carob. Cut them in half, insert tubes of 20-30 cm and weld. Get a key lever for greater efforts. Stands alignment optical and laser displays. They collapse to do for 40 minutes, while razvalytsik must have a great experience, because actually everything is done manually.

Highly not recommend to stop this option. More "advanced" design stands control setting angles – this cord model. In cord stands alignment between sensors strung measuring cords, and from the sensors stand up to the cables pass. At a higher level of cost infrared stands. In comparison with the cord they have a higher accuracy, and they are absent, connecting cables between the measuring heads. Radio channel (Bluetooth) stands similarity of the collapse – it is almost the same as the infrared, only the exchange between the sensors is on infrakanalu, and the central station data transmission – over the air. ZD-stands alignment – a separate conversation.

These stands are special cameras that remove the target, which are hung on the wheel. On the targets are the pictures that the camera and shoot. Principle measurement is based on the resizing of objects in their observation into perspective and foreshortening. Knowing the shape, the real and apparent size of the image to the target, we can calculate the distance to it and the angle at which it is rotated.