However this fiction alone is conceivable in a global panorama, where all the institutions would be in similar conditions, that is, the principles would have simultaneously to be established universal and for not shocking with none another preexisting principle. Although these principles if relate to the institutions most representative of the society? those on ones to the social values, the distribution of right and duties? they would have to regulate the society entire to justify certain changes of occupation in public offices without raising suspicion or resentment. is in this point that if shows the insustentabilidade of the principles of justice considered for Rawls. It is not possible to establish certain rules without accumulating of stocks a past all (here with regard to the experience of each one), or exactly posterior consequences, therefore this is to deliberate frivolous that the individuals can really disentail themselves of all its description of mental, deriving representations of the experience and continue being rational and apt to cogitate unanimous objectives. To possess rationality implies to affirm that a lived deeply repertoire exists? if not limiting to the moral requirements? relative to everything what it influenced in the formation of the individual. If it is given the ignorance veil, would not sobraria rationality you are welcome; the argument of Rawls is of that the parts do not only have notion of its social situation, but is capable to discern which the good that exactly satisfying an expectation personal? of form not very conscientious? it would go to favor equitable to all. However this does not explain, exactly possessing equal arguments had to the fact of that the involved ones not to know no difference between itself in the original position (RAWLS p 130) as the people, since they are ignorant in this situation, already feel the desire to determine a justice sense and in this initial condition two principles can be gotten loose that would be inherent to the rationality. Conclusion If the veil of the ignorance really cannot be rank under the sight of who wants that it intends to formulate justice principles, then the theory of Rawls cannot be applied.

Only exactly, as it was affirmed before, with the global anulamento of the current social conditions, and with the hypothetical permanence of the certainty of that the two principles of justice could be evoked in a subsequent construction of a new society, it is that in fact the idealistic theory of Rawls would become probable. They had been displayed some gaps regarding the real efetivao of the applicability of the original position and consequently, the legislation of the two principles of justice. Soon, it is clearly that this onrico project is only feasible in an institution small that the power all does not withhold to legislate on justice in the society as a whole. Bibliographical reference Hume, literary D. moral Assays, politicians and. Trad.