In the last issue of my newsletter I spoke about apple weevil and that was the subject has received the most questions. This issue I decided to devote this issue. As I mentioned last issue, weevil can destroy everything flowers on trees. What about him to fight him, especially if it does not compete with the neighbors? Standard prescriptions for anti-weevil on the Internet abound. But today I want to point out some nuances.

1. not too late to beginning of the struggle itself. Gardeners are often beginning to spray the trees or shake the beetles in advance film or paper, when they have already done their dirty deed – lay eggs in the buds. If the egg is delayed, it does has no sprinkles not get. One female can defer up to 100 eggs – just four females, one stocky apple and The recommendations to address more often pointed to as possible to combat "during the swelling of the buds. But this period can be interpreted and understood in different ways. Speaking candidly Ben Silbermann told us the story. I would rather say that the fight against weevil (spraying, shaking beetles) should begin to bud.

Snow drove in the daytime temperature rises to eight, forward, weevil! And do not important that the nights still cold. 2.If your apple in the country, hence, at neighboring sites a lot of apples and of course most of the truckers from weevil does not fight. A weevil, even at 10 T flies. You are sprayed with insecticide, such decis its apple-trees, your bugs are dead, and tomorrow the neighbors came. The effect will of course, but not the one you need. In this case, I will recommend the way in which the weevil will not get in and sit it on your trees. Before bud dissolve 1.5 kg of lime (preferably ) in 10 liters of water. This solution spray trees, abundant, and carefully. Twigs after such spraying will be white, and weevil just will not even sit on them, not something that lay eggs. 3.If you have a separate section, the regular (every spring, twice – before and during their swelling) spray your garden, such decis (5-10 ml per 10 liters of water). Thus, you can keep your number weevil on "safe" threshold. By the way, the type of insecticide, preferably every alternate year. If we are 10 years of consecutive use only decis, in our garden will always bug, which can thereby decis eat and be sure to give the same offspring. In selling, there are other means to control pests, for example – Sherpa Karate Fastak (works best in warm weather). I want to thank all the subscribers who asked questions. To respond all at once is difficult, but I still try to answer them in future releases mailing list.