Dating on the Internet – page jump vs. single exchanges operator relationship, psychologists and scientists regularly examine the behavior to the Fling and cheating. The statistics in the polls to cheating vary. The broad consensus is about 25 to just over 50%. It affects both sexes. One-fourth to about half of men living in relationship and women was strange at least once. Cheating – visitor behavior of single stock comparison of online dating partner examined walking alien visitor’s interest during the last twelve months.

“The result of the analysis of the cheating has surprised me,” says the site owner Holger crucible. On doorway pages to cheating, fling, intimacy, or one night, 11,15 percent of all visitors clicked State. Visitors who arrived via internal pages were not counted. Partner-seekers singles interested in a serious relationship, life partner, activity partner or travel partner clicked, however, to 7.8 percent this thematic input pages. Here, too, visitors who came from other bases were not included in the count. Cheating and single stock serious single exchanges made with erotic content only with eighteen Member visitors. So begins the erotic adventure from the age of 18. Women can often free become a member.

For men, the single market comparison online dating partner researched the monthly contribution of 8.33 euros. Special single exchanges for the fling gain market share in different ways. The casual dating agency FirstAffair occurs with different domain names on the market. The fling was interested in man or woman interested the fling this dating, see also or The erotic Exchange direct date became a casual dating network with a guarantee of mediation by contacts. Members receive a guaranteed number of mediated contacts depending on the term of the contract. Cheating and values each person defines the term of walking strange specially for themselves. In a relationship the woman understands something else see cheating as the man. Own experience of life, the culture and education play an important role here. Open or religious views on values let different assessments about fooling people. There are many reasons for a fling. Over the years, a sexual dissatisfaction can set in a partner. Usually subsides the lust of a partner. Appealing people in contact with countless opportunities to offer increasing networking in everyday work. A week-long communication from Mr and Mrs a company seminar in an idyllic hotel follows in a corporate network. Fast sexual pleasure and curiosity are added to the previously created sympathy. As a corollary, the cheating and the fling in the hotel room after a visit to the bar seem obvious. The basis for the fling was established previously. There is only an emotional trigger. Company profile compares the Web site single exchanges. The seeker Singles are recommendations from the single market comparison in which single market they should sign up. Your wishes, interests and life situations are taken into account. In addition, the visitors will receive more tips, hints, and advice on finding partners on the Internet. Holger Crucible peace str. 4B 04519 Rackwitz