Quick time over to Sweden! -Owned and operated by TT-Line celebrating twice this year: the 50th anniversary and the connection of Rostock-Trelleborg 20 years – convenient, fast, cheap up to three times a day with TT-Line () of Northeastern of Germany to Scandinavia – special offers: stay in selected hotels in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Berlin Hamburg/Travemunde, January 2012 why in the distance cast, if the good is so close? That’s right, for example Sweden. Because the cool Kingdom on the Baltic Sea is a splendid destination in every season and it can be reached from northern Germany out literally in his sleep. In just six hours, the cheapest ferry of TT-line from Rostock to Trelleborg Cross (Germany/Fahrplane-www.ttline.com/-prices/rates/default off Rostock /). So reaching Sweden comfortable even for a day or weekend trip. For example, in the vibrant design metropolis of Malmo, in the Wallander – and crime – capital of Ystad, a Moose Safari or gardens and Castles tour of Skane. 20 years from Rostock to Trelleborg in this year the TT-line shipping company celebrates its 50th anniversary (www.ttline.com/ 50 years). The connection from Rostock is for 20 years: 1992 was opened under the name TR-line (TT-line today) the new ferry line between Rostock and Trelleborg and operated successfully until today. “2001 took the two TT-Line ferries Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn” on their journey.

Up to three times daily put the TT-Line Ferry in Rostock. If you book the night journey, has a choice of spacious four-bed cabins with sea view, ideal for families with children or cosy two-bed inside- or outside cabins. TT-Line offers a comfort package for day departures”; It consists of a day cab, breakfast or lunch (dish), as well as two soft drinks per person. This free offer euros for two persons only 48 or for up to five people only 68 euros.