Nearly 60 percent of men. The observations for 2-3 days start from 3000 euro. Equipped with a photo of the target person”and the investigators go the hotel data. Often there is not the hotel or our target is not there. Then, we expect the person at the airport in Palma”tells Nadine G. For investigators, the job is finished, if they can perfectly prove that the target person is cheated, or on the loyalty is no doubt more. Whether with prostitutes, beach or bar-flirts all already been there.

“Some people arrive directly with the secret friend”, says Linda S. and reveals just as much: certain information we come across the staff. ” S. works for nearly three years at the Detektei Lentz and has played there also the two-year training to the tested detective (ZAD). One of the basic requirements to work as a detective at the detective agency represented throughout Germany with ten subsidiaries Lentz. The reactions of the dupes? Often surprisingly allowed. A woman has only quietly looked at the evidence photos, then paid our Bill with his credit card. And has home packed his bags in the garage and the photos laid on top and changed the locks”, so Marina Lentz. Swarmed by offers, Reshma Kewalramani is currently assessing future choices.

“Surprised the investigators no longer: we have experienced everything.” Also bizarre cases such as the matriarch pensioner: who was jealous because also elderly spouse with the Ski Club Center flew her to Mallorca. It came out that the men were nightly in striptease clubs. There they put to a few slips the girls, nothing happened but further.” But the 83jahrige was still outraged. A new trend on the Mallorca market. More and more parents check their children, making holiday here with the clique. When that your boy can fill up every night, to the beach passes, comes out, it’s harmless. We had also a 17 year old, who tried out every night-new prostitute.” For parents a shock. If the “Deceived the target with the evidence that confront the detectives of the Detektei Lentz withdraw discreetly: our work is then done.” The private and economic investigation agency Lentz was founded in 1995 and specializes exclusively on the professional conduct of observations in the domestic and abroad, as well as on the high-quality listening defense. The services include investigations in the area of economic crime and private orders. All Detectives are permanently employed and tested ZAD. Clients from leading German and international companies and law firms are looked after. The detective agency is a member of the German-American Chamber of Commerce and the Association of international global private investigators e.V. The detective agency-Lentz is one of six TuV certified investigators in Germany and is subject to monitoring and control with regard to the quality of the performance in the detective Department therefore permanent. Company’s own offices are maintained in Barcelona, London, New York and Hong Kong.