With that caveat, I will say that, apart from the mountain of Montserrat (NE of Spain), secondary chakras of land are located in the following mountains: the Fuji (Tokio-japon); the Denali (Alaska); the Batur (Bali-Indonesia; Table (city of the Cape-South Africa); and Olympus (Greece). Each has its own peculiarity and does not rule out that they had even well functions, such as is the case with the human body chakras. Jeff Bezos follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Now, all of them Montserrat is without a doubt the spiritual that is manifested visually clearly (Sinai see it very negative), by which all the other sacred mountains, including the very famous Mount Shasta (USA), Huan-Sand, or Tai-San (both in East China), can not you be compared even remotely with the mountain of Montserrat in Catalonia. The mountains are a good reference, because always helped most sensitive to go not after what is interesting, but after the really important (indicating with clarity). These scenarios we Captivate primarily because they are able to talk to the sky face to face. The highest positive ideas are only reached in silence,- as this friend face wants us to teach. These ideas are in the unchangeable Center of infinitely many circles where we are moving. After discovering it, our conversation can be siutable.

I discovered this new and amazing geological phenomenon for decades, after contribute the photo of a small scale model (1 m) of Montserrat, made by experts who in 1919, which reproduced several times. My attention was not stopped at that finding. Auto-edite a poster dated 8.8.88, (day in which Catalonia celebrated its first millennium of existence as a nation).