Why the odds maker make adjustments you ask? Just my friend, the reason is because the odds maker already knows what today’s “Joe Public” bettor will do and that is lurking in the system or trend play or in the event of bad weather jump in the “ON” and when hearing about an injury jump on the opposing team as there’s no tomorrow. Personally, when hearing an injury team of almost any player, with the exception of QB, I have found very profitable to play the ole “wait and see” game, which means that later in the week once Joe Public has influenced the line that value will probably be in the side of the team with the injury! Here are a couple of NFL system plays dated since 1990 that have been very profitable, because the fact that they are very rare in frequency and secondly because they combine solid theory of disability, which means that there is rhyme and reason why Line! 1) Play against teams playing their 3rd straight game if they lose Game 1 and won the match 2 u. 79% ATS 01/04/1915 What makes this system useful is the fact that it is based on the straight victories and defeats in teams of two previous games which allows a handicap to see a dominant pattern, this pattern equipment in question is divided in two different situations of disability that can not be overlooked as the team in question is not only in “Road Weary way, but will also be in a privileged place for a” down “.

Play 2) against a team playing in their 3rd straight game at home if you’re a dog more than 3 points and they lost their two previous games in straight fashion. 10-4 ATS 72% Like the previous system, there is little frequent, but very effective factual situation considering that the six teams played three consecutive home games during the 2003 season but none ended up classifying for the system. The last time this system became game happened at the end of the 2001 season, when the Carolina Panthers hosted the Patriots got off the losing streak to St. Louis and Arizona. Those of us who were fortunate enough to have wagered on New England in that contest were rewarded with a 38-6 Patriot win and cover! Forecastor Football is the home of the most prolific sports handicapper, we specialize in NFL and College Football disability, we sports betting to a whole new level by treating sports betting as an investment. In the past 30 years, I’ve been on both sides of the Sports Investment Business, as an entrepreneur running his own business, creating and maintaining a private clientele base that benefits greatly from the experience of my handicap in the field Superior sports. Football was a sport Forecastor Internet-based disability service since 1997 and over the past eight years has remained one of the best winning percentages any disability sports service. If you are looking for a proven winner that churns out consistently in the NFL and College picks winners, visit.